Note: I had stopped writing posts in 2017. Slowly getting back into it in 2024, mostly for AI.

Three simple examples of LLM confabulations

Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT can handle two aspects of communication very well: plausibility and fluency. Given an input context they determine what are the most probable sequence of words and string them in a way that is superbly eloquent. That makes the...

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Language Models and GPT’s evolution

As explained in this Stanford CS50 tech talk, Language Models (LMs) are basically a probability distribution over some vocabulary. For every word we give an LM, it can determine what the most probable word to come after that. It's trained to predict the Nth word,...

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Vector embeddings

This seemed like the core ideas so I wanted to clarify them conceptually. "Embeddings" emphasizes the notion of representing data in a meaningful and structured way, while "vectors" refers to the numerical representation itself. 'Vector embeddings' is a way to...

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