Note: I had stopped writing posts in 2017. Slowly getting back into it in 2024, mostly for AI.

Three simple examples of LLM confabulations

Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT can handle two aspects of communication very well: plausibility and fluency. Given an input context they determine what are the most probable sequence of words and string them in a way that is superbly eloquent. That makes the...

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Switzerland-based MindMaze created news early 2016 when it raised a $100 million round of funding at a pre-money valuation of a Billion dollars. It is creating virtual reality products related to neural recovery. The medical-grade product (!imaginatively called...

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Nuna has the right mix of all the tailwinds a startup can ask for: talented team, big funding cushion, valuable data and huge market. Founder Jini Kim was one of the Google PMs who was poached to rescue That inroad, plus personal experience taking care...

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