Note: I had stopped writing posts in 2017. Slowly getting back into it in 2024, mostly for AI.

Business Models 2015

New ideas surface every day in Healthcare IT, but not all have a clear way to generate revenue. Viable business models are not a necessity to launch an idea in the internet age. However, long-term survival depends on having one. Below is a living list of all the...

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Emerging Themes 2013

Considering the embryonic stage of Healthcare IT overall, it's no surprise that there are multiple loosely-defined phrases are being used to describe emerging trends, products and services. This page is an ongoing list of some of these rudimentary themes and...

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Medstory is a health information search engine that went into a public beta in mid 2006. In feb 2007, it was acquired by Microsoft. Their interface is pretty minimalistic, with only a search keyword box on the homepage. The results returned with an option to refine it...

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