Niche Informatics Companies

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  • Medicomp: Medcin (knowledge engine), Quippe (EMR overlay tool for documentation), CliniTalk (voice to data transformation)
  • Archimedes Model: Healthcare modeling
  • Register Patient: Registeration plug-in service
  • TrialX: Clinical Trials marketplace.
  • Corengi: Same as TrialX, but only for diabetes trials
  • CCme: Direct Project based patient inboxes
  • Happtique: White-labeled App Stores for Healthcare industry
  • Agile Diagnosis: SaaS Diagnostic Decision Support
  • Doublecheck MD: Multi-drug interaction/symptom checker for patients
  • Cara Health: readmission management by guiding call operators through patient interactions
  • DermLink: Cloud-based dermatology referral and diagnosis
  • DocPhin: Personalized medical news and research discovery platform
  • HIPAAT: Provides consent management and auditing solutions. Just that.
  • Tonic Health: Data collection platform for patient information
  • 5 O'Clock Recrods: Intermediary for managing patient requests for their medical records. Has a payment platform too.
  • Motive Medical Intelligence: A former medical education service company that is now a clinical evidence and care plan content vendor
  • Keona Health: Call center software. $2.6M raised.
  • Canvas Medical: Very interesting, refreshing take on creating a solution for EHR data entry. No info on EHR integration though. No funding info.
  • Imapthiq: CDS for Acute Coronary Syndrome risk stratification. Seed stage.
  • Datavant: Uniquely focusing on tech for deid, masking, linking healthcare data. Raised $40M+. Softbank(!)
  • HistoWiz: Workflow to digitize histopath samples. $4.5M raised. NY.
  • MD Clone: Create synthetic data for research, solves de-id problem. Israeli company. $41M raised.
  • Ribbon Health: Previously HealthWiz. Went through YC. $10.3M Series A by A16Z. Focus on Provider Directory, Referrals, Insurance selector, Navigation.
  • Health Verity: Interesting mix of Master person index, referential database, SDoH datasets and consent. $42.4M raised. Philadelphia. Founded 2014.
  • [https:/ CredSimple]: Licencing and credential management platform. $37M raised. Founded 2013.

Specialized EHRs

Thanks to HITECH and Healthcare Reform, EHRs are conventional Healthcare IT tools and mainstream EHR founders are billionaires. Perhaps its logical that the pendulum to swing from one-size-fits-all approach to hyper-focused EHRs. Peripheral players providing ancillary care services are becoming technology aware and, in turn, attracting vendor attention. Most of these are small-to-mid size companies that are apt acquisition target for the incumbent behemoths.:

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