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Large Language Models

  • Hippocratic AI: Founded 2022 by an experienced team (Munjal Shah, CEO). Pitching a 'safety focused' LLM pre-trained on evidence-based data in healthcare. Raised $65M since May 2023 from General Catalyst, A16Z.
  • GenHealth AI: Instead of text, their LLM is being trained on medical events data. Led by 1upHealth founder Ricky Sahu. $13M funding, Boston Based.
  • Co:Helm: Streamlining prior auth using Gen AI. $3M seed from Sequoia.
  • RadMate: Rethinking radiologist's reporting workflow using LLMs. YC'24.
  • Abridge: GenAI for Clinical Documentation. Pittsburgh based. UPMC led Series A. $150M Series C with LightSpeed in Feb 2024. Total $207M funding.

Computer Vision

  • Zebra Med: AI applied to medical imaging. $20M raised. Israeli.
  • Jvion: Cognitive computing applied to clinical data to make various predictions. $9M raised.
  • AI Cure: Applying machine learning and computer vision to medication adherence. Smartphone camera can verify if the patient took medication. Raised $15M+.
  • Gauss Surgical: $24M raised. Computer vision and AI for measuring blood loss during surgery. Since 2011.
  • BayLabs: Applying deep learning to ultrasound imaging. $5.3M Series A.
  • Aidence: Medical image analysis. Amsterdam. $2.5M raised.
  • Paige.AI: Pathology AI Guidance Engine. Oncology focus. $25M Series A.
  • Imaging AI
  • Viz.AI: AI-based identification of suspected large vessel occlusion (LVO) strokes. $80M+. KPCB, GV.
  • Arterys: AI for radiology workflow. $46M raised. Has FDA approvals.
  • Brainomix: AI interpretation of brain CT scans of stroke patients. $13M raised. UK based.
  • MD.AI: Annotation tool, algorithms and datasets.
  • AI in Pathology. $75M+ raised. Boston. General Catalyst.
  • AIDoc: $41.5M raised. Israel. FDA cleared. Analyzes CT exams for a suspected intracranial hemorrhage, then prioritizes workflow for radiologist
  • Densitas: FDA-cleared. $1.3M raised. Canadian. Assesses breast density (associated with increased risk of breast cancer) on digital mammograms.


  • Fathom Health: Applying AI and deep learning NLP to reimbursement. Formerly TinyRx (on-demand prescription delivery service, shut down in May 2016). Raised $7.7M. Google ventures included.
  • CloudMedX: $6.7M raised. Billing optimization.
  • Alpha Health: Ex-A16Z partner is founder. RCM focus. Stealth but most probably well funded. ?A16Z.

Therapy Discovery

  • Atomwise: Drug discovery using AI. Raised $6M+
  • Recursion Pharmaceuticals: Drug discovery using AI. $58M raised.
  • AI for drug discovery and bioscience innovation in general. $140M raised. UK based.
  • GNS Healthcare: Machine learning applied for precision medicine. Solutions around patient segmentation, drug discovery. $43M raised.
  • Berg: Unknown funding. Therapy discovery using omics data.
  • Turbine: Cancer therapeutics using AI. Unknown funding. EU.
  • BioAge Labs Drug discovery related to aging. $10.9M Series A led by A16Z.
  • Qrativ: AI platform to identify treatments for rare diseases. $8.5M. Mayo Clinic.
  • Engine Bio: $10M Seed in Jan 2018.
  • Insitro: Founder is Stanford's Daphne Koller
  • Verge Genomics: $32M. DFJ.

Risk Stratification

  • KenSci: Risk stratification of patient populations using ML. UW Tacoma professor founder. $8.5M raised.
  • Lumiata: Healthcare risk management using AI. $20M raised. Khosla Ventures.
  • Seed stage


  • Your MD: AI-driven chatbot that does lead gen for care services. $7.3M funded. London based.
  • Buoy: $2M raised. Adam Grant (Author) is founder.
  • Babylon Health: $25M raised. UK.
  • Elth: India-based
  • Orderly Health:
  • Bot MD: $700K seed. YCombinator. Steve Blank.
  • Ada: Germany based, funded. $69M+


  • Deep Genomics: Using ML to predict effects of genetic variation on a disease context. $3.7M raised. Canadian.


  • Cardiogram: Ex-google founders, applying deep learning to mobile health data. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz.
  • Neura: Using AI to optimize mobile apps and IoT devices for Med adherence. Interesting SDK approach. Raised $13M. Israeli team, located in Sunnyvale.
  • Enlitic: SF-based, $15M raised. Applying deep-learning to areas like triage, radiology, screening.
  • Deep6: AI-based text analysis of EHRs to find clinical trial candidates. ? Funding.
  • Digital Reasoning: Cognitive computing applied to industries. Healthcare focus. $73.9M raised.
  • PhysIQ: ML applied to biosignals to create a personal baseline. Selling to post-acute providers, pharma (clinical trials), wearable/device manufacturers. $11.9M raised.
  • DreaMed Diabetes: $5.3M raised from Medtronic. Closed-loop insulin delivery tech. CE mark for artificial pancreas.
  • Roam Analytics: ML platform for various applications in healthcare. $21M raised.
  • Hindsait: Various applications of NLP, ML in Healthcare. Unknown funding.
  • Precision Health AI: $20M Series A in 2017. Oncology treatment focus.
  • Carta: ML-based predictive models off of EHR data. Inpatient-focused. Funded by AMV.
  • Stealth but something around Echocardiograms. Singapore.
  • Vital ER: AI-based ED operational flow insights (predict admissions, staffing needs, etc). Led by ex-Founder of Aaron Patzer. $5.2M seed. DFJ, First Round. New Zealand based. Collaborate with Emory University.
  • Care.AI: IoT platform, focused on ROI-based use cases like hand sanitization, falls, pressure ulcers. Make their own hardware. based on Google Coral toolkit.
  • ClosedLoop.AI: Data science platform for healthcare. Model build/deployment made easier.
  • Owkin: Applying federated learning to medical research. $18M Series A. GV backed. European team/founders, but based in NYC.