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API/Platform Companies

  • HumanAPI: Backed by A16Z. Patient-portal based data. Serving life insurance market.
  • Eligible API: Eligibility info hyper-focus
  • Redox: Madison-based, Ex-Epic people.
  • Particle Health: API for sharing medical records. NY. $14.3M raised in Apr 2020. Menlo Ventures.
  • PokitDok: $55M raised. Acquired by Change Healthcare in December 2018.
  • Datica: Previously Catalyze Health. Raised $14.8M. Founded by Travis Good, MD (left).
  • Sansoro Health: $14.5M raised. Acquired (?merged) with Datica in June 2019.
  • Medal: $3.8M. SF based. Stealthy.
  • 1Up Health: Ex-googler CEO, Aneesh Chopra Advisor. $10.4M Raised.
  • Health Samurai (Aidbox): SF based. FHIR backend for healthcare apps. Unknown funding.
  • Tafi: Small. Chicago based. June 2020 - 404 on website.. RIP.
  • Stratus Medicine
  • InterOptex: June 2020 - 404 on website.. RIP.
  • Availity: $200M+. PE-backed.
  • Diameter Health: $11M+ raised. Optum as lead investor. Platform for EHR data exchange and analysis.
  • Moxe Health: Not really an API play.. but an integration platform that aims to be sponsored by payers and create a bidirectional network between payer-providers. $6M+ Series A. In Wisconsin.
  • Commure: $39M. General Catalyst. Acquired ListRunner assets. FHIR based API platform.
  • Noyo: API platform vision for health insurance benefits. SF based. $4M raised. Ex-Zenefits founders.
  • Bridge Connector: Interop platform. $45M raised.

Integration Engines

Tools, Services

Data Aggregators

  • Validic: $18.4M raised. Mark Cuban, Kaiser Permanente Ventures.
  • Vivametrica: Canadian.
  • Tidepool: Focused on diabetes data exclusively. $7.5M. Grant-funded partially.
  • LunaDNA: Share your genomic data and get shares in a public benefit corp. $8.6M. Illumina, F Prime.