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Tech-enabled Virtual Care

Virtual Care is emerging strongly esp. after the Covid19 recalibration of the healthcare system. The full-stack of a Virtual care platform would go beyond traditional Telemedicine (ie video visit with provider) to include RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring), Home Diagnostics, Case Management (with a Care Manager/like), Apps that do PRO (Patient-reported Outcomes) or Patient Engagement/Education, and AI-based triage (with chatbots, NLP). The companies below are not perfect representatives of this category, but I expect them to evolve towards it continuously.

  • Omada Health: Group-based programs for chronic disease prevention (Diabetes). More about the program, less about collaboration.
  • Lantern: Programs for Mental Health, just like Omada. No focus on collaboration aspects, except with the Coach.
  • Livongo: $143M raised. Founded by ex-CEO of Allscripts. Diabetes focus.
  • Vida: Raised $24.3M. Both consumer and enterprise.
  • Hinge Health: Coaching, sensors-based digital care management for musculoskeletal disorders. $8M Series A.
  • Virta Health: $37M raised. Ex-founder of Trulia. Focused on reversing Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Farewell: Diet and Lifestyle coaching programs for chronic conditions. $8M raised.
  • Kurbo Health: Diet and lifestyle coaching. $5.8M raised. BVP.
  • Cricket Health: Focused on CKD management. $3.7M raised.
  • Lark: Started in 2011 with sleep monitoring focus. Now doing Chronic Care programs. $67+M Raised. AMV, Omron backed.


  • Par8o: Weird name. Experienced founders. Super-focused on providing a free referral platform.
  • Easy Referrals: An online system for facilitating, managing and tracking healthcare referrals
  • Trust.MD: An EHR-independent referral solution
  • DermLink.MD: A dermatology-specific referral solution and marketplace.
  • Fibroblast: Scheduling and Referral management solution
  • Mediprocity: A very rudimentary website about collaboration and referral platform of sorts
  • Doximity: Physician networking website with referral as one of the value propositions
  • Rank.MD: Early beta site that uses Fred trotter's DocGraph dataset to give a Google PageRank-like score to physicians. Very interesting concept.
  • ConsultingMD: Mostly about second opinion, but a part of it is also about letting patients get Referrals. Note that it has nothing to to with physician to physician referrals
  • eHealth Technologies: They basically operate a last-mile type of service for image exchange (ie retrieve films from the field, digitize and archive them to be accessed via their portal). They also have a side product around referrals and record retrieval.
  • Referrals.MD: Florida-based referral exchange group. Unclear if they sell software..
  • Stroll Health: Allows Primary Care doctors to refer patients for imaging (and possibly other) services. Raised undisclosed amount.
  • Healthify: Platform for tracking and coordinating referrals. $3.22M Raised.
  • ReferWell: Raised $3.25M in 2017.
  • TheRightPlace: Platform for post-acute placements. $2M raised.

Care Transition

Coordination of care can be needed within one given care setting (hospital, post-acute facility, etc.) or as the patient is moving from one care setting to another (e.g. discharge from inpatient facility to home or PCP's care, or even moving from ICU to the unit). The latter is called "Care Transition" (aka handoff) and some companies explicitly skew their focus on the transition coordination part. Read this for background on Care Transitions. An ideal care coordination solution covers care transitions as well.

  • Right Care Solutions: Discharge Decision Support - risk-stratifies patients for post-acute care, matches patients to PAC and alerts that facility. Acquired by Navihealth in Dec 2015.
  • Cipher Health: Recorded care instructions, follow-up calls
  • Curaspan CareView: Bunch of workflow tools for discharge, outreach, rides/transport. They have been around since 1999. Acquired by Navihealth in April 2016!
  • NaviHealth: Assists hospitals, health systems, and payers with selecting most clinically and financially appropriate post-acute providers. A Cardinal Health company.
  • MedWorkxx: Decade-old canadian company that has interesting workflow solutions, forms & assessments for 'patient flow'. Eg. notifications and coordinate discharges, housekeeping, and portering, bed management across multiple locations. Acquired in Late 2015 by Enterprise Software company Aptean
  • Healthloop
  • Care In Sync: pivoted their focus to CCM outsourcing. Features: Case mgmt, health 'assistants', program dashboards. Acquired by Zynx in 2014.
  • Healthy Circles: Acquired by Qualcomm in 2013. Now defunct.
  • Care Team Connect: Acquired by Advisory Board in end-2013. Now defunct.
  • Axial Exchange: Confusing. Talk about ToC, but mostly provider-focused referral mgmt. features and dashboard.
  • TransitionAdvantage by Vree Health, a Merck subsidiary. Had trained care coaches, portal. Acquired by PatientSafe in 2015.
  • Aidin: PAC marketplace. Tool for hospital discharge planners that creates a custom list of post-acute care providers to match each patient’s needs. $600K seed in 2012.
  • PointRight: A tool for hospital discharge planners that identifies patients’ risk for readmission and selects best SNF in area to mitigate that risk. Since 1995!
  • Ringful Health: Amongst other things, they do discharge planning and patient education
  • Open Placement: Marketplace for post-acute care facilities, matching demand with supply
  • LoopBack Analytics: Many things related to analytics. PAC coordination, med adherence sub-focus
  • PatientPing: Custom platform (and network) for patient event notification. Raised $41M+. Boston. Andreessen Horowitz backed.
  • Teletracking: Founded 1991. Pittsburgh-based. $100M+ revenue, ~500 employees. Good example of capacity mgmt automation solutions using RTLS.
  • Prepared Health: Network of post-acute care settings and a tech platform that allows various workflows. $4M seed.


  • Me & My Caregivers: Basically printed material for caregivers. The website provides associated services like PHR, alerts etc
  • Carelinx: Main offering is an online marketplace and matching service for caregivers. Tools provided are schedule management, invoicing, and care collaboration
  • Carezone: Online destination to organize and coordinate the care for individuals. Managing information, archival storage, keeping family and friends informed
  • TenderTree: Online Caregiver marketplace, with payment processing and background checks integrated
  • Care: Mega portal that has marketplace, organization tools to take care of children, seniors, pets, and even general home improvement tasks. Pretty wide value proposition
  • Jiff: Creating a healthcare communication platform using iPad applications
  • CareFlash: Lets you create a private, secure website to inform and update your family/friends about your medical condition
  • Saturing: Online tools for medication management, communication; coordinating in-home care services
  • PreciouStatus: Instant mobile updates for family members of a loved-one's status and activities
  • Care at Hand: Mobile app and management solution for field-based workers doing case management. Stealth mode, so exact offering not entirely clear.
  • NowDox: Very early stage startup focusing on tools/services around care collaboration.
  • Kinergy Health: Multiple workflow tools..
  • Tyze: Create a private community centered around one person's health
  • CareThread
  • Liviam: Calendaring, Blog, Task Management for care teams. Founder had a personal experience with ineffective coordination.
  • ClarityHealth: They have workflow solutions around ED Discharge, Surgery Notification and Authorization. Also Referrals (so can be included in list below too).
  • WellFrame: Care management platform for payers and providers. 70+ conditions. $45M+ funding. BCBS Ventures.
  • Seratis: Wharton students who won Verizon competition worth $850K. Early stage.
  • Yosko: Unclear what exactly they do in care collaboration. Used the google glass image for the cool factor.
  • DocSpera: Care coordination pitch. Started by ortho doc, so focused there, presumably.
  • CareMerge: Focused on seniors, so tailored to ALFs etc. Has both collaboration and care transition features.
  • Medocity: Various modules geared towards Oncology, CHF, COPD, Senior Living, Trials.
  • Glooko: Care coordination/management platform for Diabetes population. $36M raised.
  • Contessa Health: Outsourced care coordination tech and support services geared towards bundled payment programs
  • CareSync: $20M+ raised. Outsourced care management for providers. Concierge record service for consumers.
  • Chartspan: PHR for patients, CCM solution for providers. Raised close to $20M.
  • Desma Health (ListRunner): YC 2014 batch
  • Welkin Health: $11.5M raised.
  • Collective Medical: ED-focused care coordination. $47M raised. KPCB!
  • Stitch Health: "Slack for care coordination". YC Alum 2015. Series A lead Bill Gurley.
  • Karuna Health: $1.2M Seed. SF Based. Care coordination workflow software.
  • Twistle: $19.8M Series A. Seattle based.
  • Wildflower Health: Focusing on women's health. $14M raised. Backed by Cambia.